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1. Lucid Market Reports provides services to its esteemed clients subject to the following Terms and Conditions. When visiting or shopping at, you agree to accept these Terms and Conditions. Wherever the words, "We", "Our", "Us" are used, it refers to Lucid Market Reports. Please note that Lucid Market Reports reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at its absolute discretion.

2. The required report shall be delivered to you within 24 to 72 hours after receipt of the payment. The hard copy of the report, if required, will be delivered to your billing address within 4 to 6 working days. However, delivery time may vary based on the courier services and geographical location. We suggest you use the electronic dispatch method to save time and other valuable resources.

3. We work closely with our clients for customized research as per the clients' requirements. Since we strictly adhere to quality and fulfilling the client's needs, the delivery time for the reports may vary accordingly.

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5. Prices are set by the Publisher and are subject to change without prior notice.

6. Utmost effort is taken to ensure the reports are accurate and the content is thoroughly researched and analysed. However, no liability will be accepted by us for any factual errors.

7. Due to the nature of the information being sold, we, unfortunately, cannot accept product returns after they have been delivered. Hence, please check all terms and conditions carefully before placing the order.

8. We are under no obligation to refund any part, or all, of the fees paid for our products and services. If part payment for the services has been made, the client will remain liable and responsible for making the full payment.

9. Lucid Market Reports reserves the right to cease providing services to you at any time for non-payment or for breach of any of these terms and conditions.

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